Job hunters! Career experts say you’re being analyzed before, during and after your interview! So, here’s how to make the best impression:

  • Make sure your online rep is flawless. Our Facebook and Twitter accounts now make our first impressions for us! That’s because 1-out-of-3 hiring managers vet candidates online before offering an interview. And if your social profile is full of political rants, photos of you in your underwear, or inappropriate posts like “Best hangover ever!” – that’ll turn off hiring managers. So, what do hiring managers want to see? Tweets and posts about anything industry-related. Like new product reviews, advice from top industry pros or things you’ve learned on the job.

  • Avoid putting the following words on your resume: “social media savvy.” Experts say that having a Facebook profile doesn’t make you savvy. Only list social media as a skill if your work history backs it up – like you’re trained in analytics, viral campaigns, or managing a corporate page.

  • During the interview, focus on the job – not the benefits! That means, don’t dwell on how you love their flexible schedule and that they have half-day Fridays. Instead, play up the concrete reasons your skills will be an asset to the company by saying something like “My research skills can help your Marketing Department reach Millennials.”

  • Don’t think you’re shoe-in just because you know somebody at the company. Employers expect candidates to use connections to get their foot in the door. But a recent survey by Michigan State University found that 32% of large companies have received résumés from parents on behalf of their kids – and it’s frowned on. If you want to work where your parents work, make the call yourself. Don’t have Mommy or Daddy do the legwork for you.