What’s the hottest perk offered at new workspaces everywhere? It’s in-house daycare services.

A growing number of facilities are being built that are part office space and part daycare. They’re designed for freelance workers who want to rent out office space for a few hours at a time, say to host a client meeting or simply work uninterrupted, and have their kids taken care of in the exact same building. That way, they’re not wasting time schlepping them to an offsite daycare. And even better? The new facilities let you rent babysitting services by the hour, instead of traditional daycares, which often require a strict traditional 40-hour-a-week commitment.

For example, at the “Plug and Play” Center in Austin, Texas, the “Plug” side features conference rooms, small office cubes, and a refreshment bar with coffee and snacks. On the “Play” side, which is separated by a soundproof wall, is a preschool center staffed by teachers. And kids can read stories, play, or nap while their parents work nearby. It usually costs about $15.00 for a day pass for the temporary office space, and $10 bucks an hour for childcare. 

Experts predict the number of new part office, part daycare centers to surge. Since statistics show that 42 million people are freelance workers. And the trend continues to climb. And freelance workers love the setup because in theory working from home while keeping an eye on children sounds easy, but it’s nearly impossible to juggle conference calls and work on presentations while kids interrupt them every time they want a snack, or to play.