What’s the latest cosmetic trend among guys? Having laser treatment to cure “hobbit feet.”

That’s the term for when dermatologists remove hair from the lower legs and feet, and it comes from the popular Hobbit characters in the “Lord Of The Rings,” who are described as having “feet covered in curly hair, with thick, leathery soles, making shoes unnecessary.”

In the past year, requests for “hobbit feet” laser treatments have more than doubled. And according to dermatologist Dr. Michael Prager, it’s because today’s men are becoming increasingly self-conscious about the way their legs look. After all, we’ve talked about the recent fashion trend of more men wearing flip-flops and sandals, or “mandals.” So guys want to make sure their feet and legs look good.

In case you’re wondering, the hobbit feet procedure normally takes at least eight hours, and costs around one thousand dollars. But it’s not permanent. Dr. Prager says the laser damages follicles in a way that slows hair growth, so that it grows back in months or years, instead of days.