Want to know the latest victim of the economy? It’s the quickie Las Vegas weddings. Vegas has long been the go-to destination for couples who want to say “I do” in a hurry. For roughly $100, you can get hitched in less than 5 minutes. But financial experts say that the Vegas wedding industry is feeling an economic backlash.

In the last year, chapel revenues have dropped 16 percent, and are still falling. And that’s having a domino effect, with everything from limo companies, to tuxedo shops feeling the pinch. That’s because couples who’d ordinarily have a quickie Vegas wedding are now having a quickie local ceremony at their own town hall, because they can’t afford sky high gas prices or airline tickets to make the trip to Vegas.

So, Vegas chapels are taking action and launching a brand new moneymaking scheme. They’re pitching vow renewal ceremonies, which have soared in popularity over the last couple of years, and now make up one-third of chapel business. Experts say it’s a smart move, since 80 percent of Vegas visitors are already married, which means there are a lot of potential vow renewal customers.