Stop using cell phones to spy on your spouse.  Because it’ll soon be illegal! In fact, Congress recently approved a new bill that will make it a crime to use “cyber-stalking apps.” That’s the term for the growing number of mobile phone apps – with names like Spouse Spy or ePhone Tracker - which secretly record texts, calls, photos, and GPS locations on mobile phones and then email the details back to a jealous spouse.

While stalking has been illegal in the U-S for years, a legal loophole allowed companies to sell these apps. The thinking was that if you or your spouse own a mobile phone, you should have the right to monitor it.

Experts say that’s fine if you’re a parent wanting to monitor the whereabouts of your children.  But there have been too many recent cases where these apps encouraged stalking and domestic violence! For example: This new bill was inspired by a case in Minnesota, where a woman went to a courthouse to file a restraining order against her abusive partner.  And while she was there, she received a text message from her abuser, demanding to know why she was at the courthouse!  Police later found that the man was tracing her movements with an app he’d secretly placed on her cellphone.

With this new law, experts say it’ll now be a crime for anyone to make or operate a stalking app - without first telling the mobile phone’s user that they’re being traced. That way, parents can still track their minor children.  But if you’re caught tracking your spouse with one of these cyber-stalking apps, you will go to jail!