You’re snoring may not bother you but if could be driving away your spouse! 

According to sleep specialist Dr. David Volpi, many people who come to his sleep clinic didn’t even know they were snorers until their significant other clued them in and made them get help. He says snoring can be detrimental to both people because the snorer may have a serious health problem like apnea that they’re not getting help for. And the person they’re sharing a bed with is losing tons sleep which can cause memory loss, headaches, depression – and resentment toward their partner! 

In some cases it becomes such an issue that couples even break up over it. But Dr. Volpi says snoring doesn’t have to split a couple up. He says the fix is to see a reputably sleep expert. They can tell you if there’s a health problem causing the snoring, and recommend treatments or surgeries that may help. To find one in your area check out the website for the American Academy of Sleep Medicine at And a quick fix for snoring is to sleep on your side. Most people snore when they’re on their back because their airways collapses.