Ladies: As you may have noticed, sometimes men aren’t the best at expressing themselves. So, the next time you feel like your partner’s holding something back, consider this list of things men tend to hide, according to marriage therapist Dr. Mike Dow:  

  • First: We need YOU to make us feel like big, strong men. Dr. Dow says a lot of guys tie their self-worth to masculine qualities like physical strength. So we love it when you compliment our “brawn” when we’re opening a jar of spaghetti sauce or when you let us take charge in assembling a new dresser. When men aren’t allowed to show their masculine side, they feel powerless.  

  • Another thing a guy won’t tell you: All your outfits look the SAME to me. Dr. Dow says thousands of years ago, men had to hunt to survive, and we got used to looking for things far away like a herd of buffalo grazing in the distance. The result: Our brains aren’t wired to notice up-close details like if your red dress is more flattering than the pink one. 

  • The next thing men won’t talk about: When they’re struggling with money. Guys are wired to be providers, and that means providing financial stability. So Dr. Dow says if a guy knows the family’s in debt, he’ll feel like a failure, and he may try to hide it. That’s why our expert recommends staying involved in all the household finances. Don’t just leave it up to the man of the household.  

  • One more thing a guy will never tell you: “I need time to decompress when I get home.” Dr. Dow says communicating at work all day exhausts the male brain more than the female brain. So try giving a guy some space when he comes home. Once he's had the chance to unwind, conversation will come more easily for him.