Even if you love your job, it doesn’t mean you have to love all your co-workers. In fact, here’s the latest research on the people we work with and how they may be unknowingly sabotaging our lives:  

  • First: They may be the reason you’re packing on the pounds. According to a new Career Builder survey, 40-percent of workers say they’ve gained weight since starting their current job. And a lot of us blame the snacks colleagues bring to work to celebrate birthdays, holidays or “just because.” But here’s a good reason to resist those snacks: Overweight workers are more likely to get passed over for promotions. Even though it’s untrue and unfair, overweight workers are thought of as less intelligent and lazy. 

  • Another fact about your co-workers: They may be why your relationship isn’t working out. A University of Colorado study found a link between your workplace and divorce. For example, if you're married and one third of your co-workers are recently divorced, you're 43-percent more likely to get divorced! Why? Because divorce starts to seem normal, and you may start to question your own relationship if other relationships are imploding all around you. 

  • One more fact about your co-workers: They may resent your awesome attitude. Researchers at Washington State University found that people who work long hours and ask for extra work are the most despised employees. Because your willingness to go “above and beyond” can make other employees look bad in comparison! That’s why career coach Nicole Williams recommends keeping a low profile about your workload. As much as people hate hearing you complain at work, they’ll also hate hearing you talk about how happy you are and all the extra, cool stuff you’re working on.