Experts say yes! That’s the gist of a new report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, which breaks down all the different ways people get sick, injured, or worse at work. So, we’ve gathered a list of the most common workplace hazards you should know about:

  • Sick Building Syndrome. That’s the term for buildings with poor ventilation, which causes pollutants like mold, dust, cleaning chemicals, or toxic fumes to become trapped. Those can trigger anything from headaches and coughs, to severe breathing problems. And in most cases, the problems only go away when you open a window, or go home.

  • Not having your own office or cubicle. Today, a growing number of employers are choosing “open office setups,” where workers are free to move around with a laptop or tablet, without being tied to a desk. The goal is to foster more teamwork. But many workers are now reporting more neck, wrist, and shoulder pain – from hunching over their portable devices.

  • Working in a “green” building. Those are the buildings designed to be more energy-efficient. Unfortunately, studies show that what’s good for the planet isn’t always good for workers. Buildings with larger windows, to bring in more natural light and heat, also create more glare on computer screens, which causes eye-strain. Also, some new ventilation systems, designed to use less energy and be quieter, actually allow more rodents and bugs to creep into buildings! In fact, while more office buildings went green last year, the number of offices buildings being treated for bedbugs more than doubled!