Do you log into Facebook several times a day? Beware it’s probably making you depressed.

New research shows that Facebook is causing a lot of people to feel everything from anxiety to depression. Here’s why:

First: It makes you feel like a loser. People usually only post exciting or positive milestones on Facebook and avoid mentioning the negative parts of their lives. For example, you’ve probably seen more people bragging about their engagements than those saying something like “My house is in foreclosure.” Tom DeLong is leadership professor at Harvard. He says that comparing yourself to others is major depression trigger. So, keep in mind that your Facebook friends are going through hard patches just like you are they’re just not sharing them.

Another way Facebook is bad for your brain: It literally wastes your time. You may think that you’re multitasking by browsing your newsfeed while you’re stuck in a meeting or waiting in line at the grocery store. But economists say that constantly stopping to check Facebook will cause your brain to go into overdrive and it’ll be harder and take longer for you to re-focus. So, experts suggest you only log into Facebook once a day.

Finally, Facebook is bad for your friendships. You may think that “liking” your friend’s status makes you a good buddy. But experts say that clicking a button isn’t a way to really connect with your friends. Instead, make plans to have a long talk on the phone, or meet up for coffee.