Get ready ladies. We’re going to boldly go where no radio show has gone before. Inside the male brain! Here’s the real deal behind some quirky male behaviors. Courtesy of Dr. John Gray, who wrote the book Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus.

  • Why can’t guys be bothered to wrap a present? To a woman, ‘gift wrap’ constitutes pretty paper and a nice bow. Guys, on the other hand, think ‘gift wrap,’ means shoving the present in a paper bag. What’s the deal? It’s because the male brain doesn’t focus on little details – like wrapping paper – as much as a woman’s brain does. In other words, guys see the big picture – in this case, the gift – but don’t feel the need to jazz it up with fancy extras. Plus, when a guy gets you something from your favorite store, he wants you to see the bag it came in. To him, it says ‘Look honey! I listened when you told me where you like to shop!’
  • Why are guys so bad at talking on the phone? According to Dr. Gray, men and women react differently to phone conversations because of their hormones.  Oxytocin – the hormone that reduces stress in women – is stimulated through communicating. Men, on the other hand, need testosterone to feel less stressed. And extra testosterone isn’t produced through communication - it’s produced through problem solving. In fact, idle chitchat can actually lower a man’s testosterone levels because he feels like he’s not accomplishing anything! That’s why guys would rather fix the fridge than talk on the phone.
  • Why do guys get jealous when you mention your 7th grade boyfriend? It boils down to this: men are incredibly competitive. So when you bring up your teenage boyfriend, they feel helpless because they can’t compete with a memory. Basically, he can attempt to outwit a guy he thinks is flirting with you now, but there’s nothing he can do about little Johnny, who held hands with you on that field trip to the aquarium.