Wish you could make yourself headache-proof? Here are a top few headache triggers and ways to fight them off. 

  • First: Next time you go to the movies, stick with good old 2-D instead of going for 3-D. Optometrists say that 1 in 4 people develop serious headaches while watching 3-D films. That’s because staring at 3-D images causes massive eyestrain, which triggers headaches. The fix? If you decide to go 3-D, sit in the back. The farther you are from the screen, the easier it is for your eyes to focus. 

  • Also: Do you get a killer headache when you fly? A study found that every year, 100 million people do during take-offs and landings. Doctors believe it’s a byproduct of dehydration, and your brain adjusting to the changing altitude. So, before you board, drink 2 glasses of water, and keep drinking bottled water during your entire flight.

  • Also, would you believe every greasy cheeseburger you eat raises your risk for a migraine? A recent study found that adults with high cholesterol suffer from migraines much more often than those with healthy cholesterol. So, lower your cholesterol and your headache risk by going on a daily fruit and vegetable kick - say by loading up on kiwi and spinach. They’re packed with cholesterol-dropping compounds.