How often do you think about food? Would you believe most people think about it 200 times a day? That’s according to a new Cornell University study. It found that all of us make over 200 food-related decisions a day, on everything from what to sprinkle in your coffee, to what to get at the grocery store. Those snap decisions can cost you pounds. So, here are a few tips to help you make healthy eating decisions on the go, courtesy of MSN.

Are you craving a protein fix? Skip the lunchtime burger and go with white meat or seafood. Pork tenderloin and chicken breast are packed with protein, and broiled or steamed fish contains heart-healthy omega-3s.

Another food decision that’ll pack on extra weight: Your daily date with the office vending machine. Most candy bars are loaded with 300 calories or more. If you have one every day to boost your energy, you could gain 22 pounds in a year. So, skip the office vending machine and pick up a Fudgsicle. It’ll give you your sweet fix for only 40 calories.  

Then, did you know your frying pan could be making you gain weight? Experts say choosing certain pans to cook with can clog your arteries and make you gain weight. That's because pans you add oil or butter to can tack on 100 calories or more per meal. Instead, use nonstick cookware. Or coat your pans with no-cal cooking spray. Add flavor to your low-calorie home-cooked meals with herbs or lemon.

The final snap food decision that could cost you: Take-out. A plain cheese pizza is loaded with grease and over a thousand calories. So when it comes to ordering out, Japanese food is the healthiest option. Experts say that most sushi rolls are prepared with little or no oil, and they’re packed with protein and nutrients from the seafood and veggies. Remember, not all sushi is created equally. Avoid anything spicy, because it’s probably code for “drenched in high-calorie spicy mayo.”