Are you a left-brain person, or a right-brain person? The answer could tell you whether your college major - or your job - is right for you, or not. 

Clinical psychologist Dr. Suzanne Anthony says that most of us are both logical and creative. But people who are right-brain-dominant tend to be more creative and intuitive, while left-brainers lean toward logic and analytical thinking. 

So, how can you tell which side of your brain is dominant? If you love creative and intuitive activities like art, writing, or sports, you're probably right-brained, and you’d probably enjoy being a chef, salesperson, graphic designer, or a teacher who inspires kids to learn. 

And if you’re more fascinated by math, science, or philosophy, you’re more of a logical, left-brained person. And you’re more likely to enjoy a career as a paralegal, accountant, computer programmer, or healthcare worker.