I don’t want to pile on, but for women over 35 finding a partner isn’t easy. There are 10 million MORE single women over 35 then single men. One dating expert thinks she has the answer, though. Rachel Greenwald runs a relationship consulting firm for women in their 30’s and she says if you want to land a man, you have to start thinking of dating like a job and yourself like a product.

Greenwald has an MBA and for years she did marketing for large companies like Evian. So now she helps women take an objective, business perspective on their love lives. Basically, if dating is like marketing, how do you get people to buy the product – which is you? So, here are a few of Greenwald’s tips for finding a man after 35:

First: stand out in the crowd. Greenwald recommends getting all that black out of your closet. Wearing color gets you noticed. Just like a red bag of chips would get noticed more readily than a navy blue bag of chips.

Next, create your personal brand. Greenwald says you need to come up with an easy but memorable way for people to describe you. So make a list of all your attributes and then whittle it down to the two or three that describe you best. Let’s say you love reading and live in Chicago. Maybe your brand would be “bookish city girl.”

And finally, take that brand and do a marketing blitz. You need to call every single person in your rolodex and ask them if they have anybody they can set you up with. And have them use your personal brand to describe you to potential suitors. Half of all people in relationships met through friends or family members. So the more people you have working for you, the more likely it is that you’ll meet Mr. Right.