To be more productive at work, embrace “the power of cute!” That’s the gist of a new Japanese study, that’s actually titled “The Power of Kawaii” – which roughly translates to “The Power of Cute!” It shows that we perform tasks faster and more accurately after looking at photos of adorable puppies and kittens.

Why? Dr. Gary Sherman is a psychologist who says it boils down to the fact that baby animals are vulnerable. So, when we see them, we see something that we perceive as delicate, breakable, valuable, and worth caring for. Dr. Sherman says that perception activates our emotions in a way that makes us pay more attention to details. For example, in one experiment, participants performed better on tests of hand-eye coordination after viewing photos of puppies and kittens.

Based on this study, experts now recommend adopting “the power of cute” in any job that requires careful attention to detail – like accounting, for example.

And what if your boss discourages you from hanging posters of puppies at work? Then try one of these websites: or