If you’re going into a job interview, there’s no way of knowing what questions they’ll ask. But we do know what answers they want to hear. So no matter how the interviewer words their questions, be prepared to give these answers, according to job recruiter Brad Karsh:  

  • First: “Yes, I’ll fit in here.” Believe it or not, Karsh says that’s the number one thing the interviewer is wondering the moment you walk in the door. That’s why it helps to know someone who works at the company or already has experience working in the same industry. Mentioning those things when you introduce yourself gives you an advantage because it shows you know what to expect.

  • The second answer interviewers are looking for is: “I have the skills to do this job.” We’re not just talking about the “hard skills” listed in the job description. Karsh says you also need to convince the interviewer that you have the “soft skills” needed to get along with your co-workers and figure things out with as little training as possible. One way to get that across is to talk about an experience where you took on a new challenge and succeeded without much help. 

  • The last answer interviewers want to hear: “I WANT the job.” Karsh says a lot of managers worry about giving jobs to someone who’s just going to work there a few months, then jump ship as soon as they find another job they love more. Also most employers assume that you’re considering multiple job offers, just like they’re considering multiple job candidates. That’s why it’s essential to let them know before you walk out the door that you want the job.