We all think our dog is the smartest on the block. Well, there’s a new dog IQ test that can help you prove it, called Dognition. Brian Hare is an associate professor at Duke University’s Center for Cognitive Neuroscience – and he created Dognition. It’s an online test designed to help you understand your dog better, figure out what makes them tick, and see how smart they are. It can also help you discover the roots of certain behavioral issues – like, why your dog chews, has trouble following commands, or barks for no reason.

The Dognition test is $40 and takes about an hour. It includes a questionnaire that asks things like, “How does your dog react during a thunderstorm?” And whether they trust their own instincts, or rely on you for instructions. It asks you to play a series of little games with your dog, like testing: How quickly they can find a hidden treat, how well they follow directions and even how well they do while wearing a blindfold.

The results of the questionnaire and the games land your dog in one of nine categories. For example, your dog may be an “Einstein,” if he can sniff out a treat even when you’re distracting him. Or your dog may be a “Charmer” – who ignores their own senses, and relies on your instructions to point out where the treats are. Your dog might also be a “Maverick” with an independent streak that has a hard time following orders. Or a “Socialite” that gets what they want by flashing “puppy eyes” at you.

If you’d like to test your dog’s intellect and personality, the website is: Dognition.com.