Attention, job seekers! Are you looking for an exciting, adrenaline-pumped job? You may want to consider becoming a cat wrangler, which is an up-and-coming new position we read about.

So, what exactly is a cat wrangler? It’s someone who goes to your home and within just a couple of minutes safely fetches your hiding cat from underneath the bed, or behind the couch, and puts them in their pet carrier. That way you can easily take them to the vet or the groomer. 

It may seem random, but business is booming and clients are hooked. Especially people who are older or physically impaired, and can’t climb under furniture to retrieve their hiding cat, or move fast enough to catch their scurrying cat. And some clients are perfectly capable of retrieving their own cat, but find the idea of forcing them into a carrier too upsetting.

So, how exactly do cat wranglers work their magic? 

Jordana Serebrenik is a cat wrangler in Manhattan, and charges around $80 “per wrangle.” And she says the secret is to think like a cat, and predict which way they’ll try to escape, in order to cut them off and scoop them into their carrier. 

But before you break into the cat wrangler industry, experts say you have to be OK with one crucial thing, scratches! That’s because experts say that even the most gentle cats can go into attack mode when confronted.