Ladies, it’s true: The texts men send can be confusing. So, here are a few text messages translated into plain English. This comes from the website 

  • The first cryptic text: “Send a picture.” Our expert says he’s probably hoping you’ll send him a racy picture, which could easily be forwarded to everybody he knows. Bottom line: If you wouldn’t text the picture to your mother, don’t send it to anyone.

  • So, what does it mean when a man you’ve dated a couple of times sends a vague, noncommittal text that’s sort of flirty? Like: “Are you around this week?” Our expert says that if his plans are that open-ended, he’s probably sending the same message to several women, and weighing his options, and unless you just want to be “squeezed into his schedule,” it might be time to move on.

  • Finally: What does it mean when, no matter how long or thoughtful your text is, he only sends one-word replies, like “LOL,” “Ha,” or “OK.” If it feels like you’re having a one-sided conversation, our expert says he’s obviously not that interested in you, and it may be time to end things.