There’s a new tool for spotting concussions. It’s a new sports cap, called CheckLight that was co-developed by Reebok – the shoe company.

It’s basically a flexible cap that athletes can wear by itself or under a helmet and it has built-in sensors that measure the location, duration, and force of impacts to the head. Then, a tiny computer module instantly determines if the impact was dangerous or not.  And the device flashes a yellow light for “moderate” impacts, or a red light for “severe” blows.

Experts say those flashing lights are what sets CheckLight apart from other head-impact sensors. Because they remove what doctors call “the shame factor” for many athletes, who don’t want to admit when they’re hurt. After all, unless they’re showing specific concussion symptoms, many players will tell their coach that the blow “wasn’t that bad” and that they want to stay in the game and tough it out.  But there’s no arguing with a flashing red light! It instantly tells coaches and medical personnel that the player may have a concussion, and they must come out.

CheckLight is expected to go on sale before June and experts say it’ll be priced low enough that it’ll be affordable for athletes of all levels – from Pee-Wee football to the pros.