Wanna live to be 100? How about to 1-thousand?

Believe it or not, one expert says there’s a 50-50 chance that the first 1-thousand year-old will be born within our lifetime!

That’s according to Dr. Aubrey DeGrey and he’s the chief scientist of a foundation dedicated to longevity research. What gives Dr. DeGrey so much hope? Well, first of all, science already adds an average of three months to our life expectancy every year. But now, Dr. DeGrey says scientists are close to giving doctors all the tools they need to, quote “cure” aging.

For example: The world’s number one age-related killer today is heart disease. Because when our heart cells die, they’re not automatically replaced by the body. Plus, as we get older, “junk” builds up in our arteries – like plaque from cholesterol – which raises our risk of heart attacks and strokes. But Dr. DeGrey says doctors are already developing new drug therapies, that help sweep all that junk out of our arteries. Plus, new stem cell therapies are being tested that can grow all-new heart and brain cells. So, the hope is that, one day, doctors can replace our dying heart cells with cells that are as healthy as what we had the day we were born!

In other words: The goal isn’t to keep sick people alive, longer. Instead, it’s about repairing and even preventing the cellular damage that makes us sick in the first place! So, just like we now take vaccines to ward off getting the flu, someday we might be able to go to the doctor for routine “maintenance” to ward off things like heart disease and cancer. And as a ‘side effect,’ we’ll live longer lives – even to a thousand years or more!

Sound far-fetched? Well, consider this: In 2005, the M-I-T Review journal offered a $20-thousand dollar prize to any scientist who could show that Dr. DeGrey’s theories were wrong. And so far, nobody’s won the money!