Sarah Jessica Parker is 40 years old. But she’s hardly typical for her age. After sifting through tons of data on what it means to be 40 these days, here’s what the New York Post found. The average 40-year-old woman weighs 164 pounds, wears a size 14 dress and a size 9 shoe. That’s a lot bigger than her mom was in 1960 - in fact she’s over 25 pounds heavier. She may even be obese; 1 in 3 women over 40 fit into that category. And there’s an 80% chance that she wants to lose weight.

If she’s had plastic surgery, it’s most likely been Botox injections or liposuction, the two most popular cosmetic procedures for people between 35 and 50. And a 40-year old woman is exactly middle-aged, since her life expectancy is 81. Also, she’s more likely to lie about her weight than her age. And her biggest worries are - in order: health, finances, memory loss and losing her independence.

About half of them dye their hair to cover the gray, 1 in 4 buys anti-aging products, and they own at least six pairs of jeans.

If she’s divorced, it was probably her idea. One recent poll showed 85% of divorced women had initiated the split. Most said they weren’t in love anymore, they felt emotionally unfulfilled, or thought their lives were missing something.

Also, there’s an 80% chance a 40-year-old woman has a child, and if she’s employed she makes about 71 cents for every dollar a man her age makes. And finally, when it comes to the typical 40 year old woman, most plan to retire in about 20 years, sometime between 60 and 69. But many think they’ll keep working part-time after they do. There you go ladies - that’s the true face of 40! So don’t feel intimidated by people like Sarah Jessica Parker and Teri Hatcher. They’re not typical for their age – they’re exceptions to the rule.