Have you noticed? Airlines are packing MORE people into planes. That’s because a growing number of airlines are installing new “slim-line” seats. Those are seats made of carbon fiber, instead of metal, which use less padding than older seats. And because there’s less padding, the new seats weigh less, and take up less space!

In fact, slim-line seats are slim enough that airlines can now squeeze one extra row of seats into most standard-size jets. And on larger planes – like the new 787-Dreamliner – airlines can fit dozens of extra seats! Experts say those extra seats are “gold” to airlines. Because if one seat is worth $500 round-trip, for example, then just one more row of seats could easily bring in an extra $2 million dollars a year, per plane.

That’s great for airlines. But will you notice the difference? B-E Aerospace is a company that manufactures slim-line seats. And they say that from a legroom standpoint, you probably won’t notice. Because even though you’ll be sitting about three inches closer to the seat in front of you, you’ll also be sitting slightly further back in your own seat - so it evens out.