Would you believe that the hottest type of bar these days doesn’t serve a drop of alcohol? I’m talking about makeup bars. These are beauty express salons, where makeup artists give you a pro makeover in about 30 minutes for about $30.

In fact, chains like “Makeup and Go” and “Blushington” are popping up across North America to meet demand. And they offer styles for you to choose from, like a Hollywood smokey eye, or a sun kissed natural look.

So, why are so many women paying to get their makeup done? It’s part of the growing trend of quick-service beauty. It started with nail salons, moved on to blow-dry bars, and now it’s taking over makeup! Increasingly, everyday women want to look as perfect as a model or celebrity.  

They feel the need to be camera-ready 24/7! That’s because we’re living in a world where every moment is documented, uploaded, Facebooked, Instagrammed and Googled for the world to see. 

So women are having their makeup done for first dates, important events, or big meetings. And girls are having their makeup done for school dances or birthdays. 

Before these new makeup bars, there were few options to get a perfect makeup job. You could either spend a hundred bucks getting it applied at an upscale beauty salon. Or go the department store route, and have a makeup lady give you a makeover for “free” - except there’s intense pressure to buy the products used on your face.

And many women walk out spending a lot of cash on products they don’t want,  and will never use again. But with a makeup bar, you pick out the type of look you want, simply pay the $30, and walk out looking picture perfect!