Ladies, if you want to let a guy know you’re interested in him, then here’s a list of phrases you should say on a date, along with some you should avoid.

We’ll start with the ones men love to hear:

  • “Thank you.” Experts say basic manners are rare in today’s dating scene, so a simple “thank you” can make a big difference to a guy – like if you’re thanking him for buying dinner.

  • “I’d like to get your opinion on something.” Experts say those words are like “catnip” to a guy. Because men are hard-wired to be problem solvers, and hearing those words makes them feel useful.

  • “Then what happened?” Like when he’s telling you about the road trip he took, and you say: “You’re kidding. What happened next?” Experts say that shows that you’re genuinely interested in what a guy has to say, and not just being polite, by saying “uh-huh” every few seconds.

So, what phrases do men hate to hear on a date?

  • “My last boyfriend…” Don’t say anything close to these words. Because even if you’re trash talking your ex, all a guy hears is: “I’m out with you, but I’m still thinking about another man.”

  • “Do you mind if I take this call?” Chances are, most guys will be polite and say “no.” But unless it’s a dire emergency, guys will be thinking: “Yes, I DEFINITELY mind.” Why? Because when you’re on a date, a guy wants to feel like he’s more important than anyone who’s on the phone.