The world could literally go bananas soon! That’s the finding of a groundbreaking new report that shows climate change and intense temperature rises are making it virtually impossible to grow a lot of the crops we eat every day, like wheat, rice, and potatoes. Which means some of our favorites, like French fries and tater tots, could be off the menu permanently in the next decade.

So, what’ll be the new go-to food? Bananas! Researchers from the Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security research group say that bananas could become the world’s most important food source. Since they’re not as affected by hot weather conditions. And can grow all over the world for extremely cheap prices. After all, a pound of bananas cost about $2.

So, enjoy your favorite potato dishes now, like mashed potatoes, French fries, and tater tots! Because word from the agricultural community is they soon could be getting banana-fied!