Move over Mediterraneans, Vikings are the new diet gurus. We’re talking about the brand new Nordic Diet, and experts say it could be the key to quick and safe weight loss.
So, what exactly is the Nordic diet? It was created by world-class chef Claus Meyer. He spent years and over $20 million dollars researching it. The result? He says that the secret to weight loss is simply eating Nordic-only food in moderation. So, that means a lot of cold-climate foods like reindeer, cloudberries, herbs, nuts, and legumes. And a growing number of studies are backing it up. 
For example, researchers at the University of Copenhagen recently studied overweight people. One group followed the Nordic Diet. The other did a standard portion-controlled meal plan. And neither group exercised.
The result? After 3 months, Nordic dieters lost 7 lbs. That’s more than double the weight loss of the other group. And experts say those results are causing people across the world to go Nordic. In fact, demand is so huge, that a lot of butchers are going online, and selling reindeer meat for about $6 a pound.
So why does it work?
Well, it’s similar to the Mediterranean diet. Nordic foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids and anti-oxidants. But with the Nordic diet the ingredients aren't reliant on a Mediterranean climate. Certain berries thrive in northern parts of Europe, like blueberries, as do greens like kale and cabbage that promote healthy blood flow. And lean game meats like elk and lamb are all part of the Nordic plan for a healthier lifestyle.
If you want to go further, check out the book, “The Nordic Diet.”