Are you looking for work? There are literally thousands of jobs that are yours for the taking right now. You don’t need a fancy degree or years of experience. The only requirement? A smartphone!

A growing number of websites and smartphone apps are popping up that let you perform quick tasks for others for a fee, like mow someone’s a lawn for $10 or pick up dry cleaning for $20. Experts say that these tiny tasks are incredibly popular with everyone from high school students to seniors because you can use your cellphone to cruise postings whenever you’re available. And then choose which jobs fit your schedule to make a few extra bucks!

We read about one guy who flew to New York for a weekend and paid for it by doing small jobs in between sightseeing. And some people take so many “gigs,” it can add up to full time pay! We read about one guy who completed about 750 micro-jobs in a year – and says this new kind of employment has changed his life. He’s not sitting around waiting for the phone to ring for a full time job anymore – he has one! And these days, more companies are offering micro-jobs online – for anyone, regardless of skill or experience.

Their thinking is, these jobs are so small - it doesn’t make sense to hire someone fulltime, and have to offer them benefits and job training. But the jobs still need to get done – so it makes more financial sense to hire a "task-sumers," as they're called. That’s a combo of task and consumer.

So, if you’re interested in earning some extra cash – or posting some work - here are the top micro-job posting sites and apps:

  • It lists tasks from home repair to office work. For example, are you a construction pro? You can earn $100 for helping someone repair their porch. Or are you an office superstar? $25 could be yours if you help someone write their resume.
  • Calling all photographers! Want to turn your pictures into cash? Download the free Foap smartphone app. You upload your pics onto the app – which acts like a virtual marketplace with photos ranging from animals to landscapes. And every time someone buys one of your photos, you get $5.
  • We’ve also talked about GigWalk before. Using GPS technology, the app finds tasks to be completed near you and gives you instructions. For example, you could earn $35 to test the customer service experience at a department store. Go to for that.
  • Want to get paid to do something on your next trip? Go to It’s a site where people offer travelers money to bring random items with them for a flat rate. For example, you can post, “I live in LA and I’ll pay someone traveling from Boston $30 to bring me a cup of New England clam chowder.” And one user really wanted a type of beer only sold in Greece. So they posted, “I want Mythos beer! If you are traveling from Greece to the U.S., I’ll pay you to bring me some!”