Would you believe that you can shed 30 pounds in one year – without hopping on the treadmill? Dr. Brian Wansink is in charge of the Food and Brand Lab at Cornell University. He’s conducted dozens of studies looking at our behavior and relationship with food. And Dr. Wansink says that by making small behavior fixes, you can lose 30 pounds within one year! Here are his tips:

  • Eat in slow-motion. It takes about 20 minutes for your stomach to tell your brain “Hey! I’m full!” And being a fast eater raises your odds of overeating. So, slow down your bites and you’ll have eaten less by the time you start feeling full.

  • Eat like you’re French! That doesn’t mean a diet of brie and bread! It’s all about your attitude! Dr. Wansink asked a group of Parisians when they stop eating during a meal. Their answer: when they feel full. Meanwhile, American eaters said they stopped eating when their plate was clean. So, think like the French, and when you feel full, stop eating.

  • Don’t eat anything straight out of a package. We consume up to 30% more when we eat out of a bag or container because we lose track of how much we’re eating.

  • We also think of the whole bag as one serving – when it’s usually several. So, put a single serving of food in a small bowl or on a plate.

  • The color of your plate could make you eat 18% more! Studies show that if the food color matches the plate color, you’re more likely to take a bigger serving – simply because it’s hard to tell how much food is on a matching plate. Like if the plate is white and your pasta is white. So, choose plates that are a totally different color from your food, unless you’re using green plates and eating salad.