A bad boss won’t just ruin your day - they could also ruin your career. According to a recent survey, 3-out-of-4 people said that having a manager who yells, micromanages, or undercuts employees makes them less motivated to work hard. And the lack of motivation can eventually lead to poor performance reviews, and lower lifetime earnings.

If your boss is a nightmare, what’s the fix? Human resource expert Jay Owens says the solution is to talk to them. But you have to pick the right time. In fact, he says your conversation will be the most effective if it happens when your boss is behaving badly. Even though it may be uncomfortable to mention their temper, or your workload, when they’re angry.

First, start by saying you’d like to improve the quality of your work. Then, give your boss specific examples of ways they could help you do a better job. For example, say they slap you with an unrealistic deadline. You might want to suggest that if you’re forced to work too quickly, the end product could suffer.

And if your boss makes an inflammatory remark like, “I don’t like your attitude.” Try something like: “I’m afraid that if we don’t take the time to do the job right, we’ll lose customers.” If you can focus the issue and not on you or the boss – but on the quality of your work, or the customers – even the worst boss is more likely to listen.