Are single workers treated differently than married workers? The answer is a resounding “Yes!”

According to a recent survey by Career Builder, 21 percent of workers who’ve never been married believe their company shows favoritism to married co-workers. And 30 percent claim that married co-workers get more job flexibility than single employees.

A lot of workers also think parents get preferential treatment. For example, one company we read about gives employees with kids 4 hours of personal time off every month, so they can attend plays and other school functions.  But single people aren’t given personal time off for any reason.

But, there’s a benefit to giving single and married employees the same options: Employee productivity and job satisfaction go way up.

At some companies, single workers have successfully lobbied for access to policies designed for married employees. For example, at a media relations company, a single employee who had covered for 3 co-workers who went on maternity or paternity leave decided that he deserved a break too.  And he turned his regular vacation time into an extended break.

The result: He came back refreshed and ready to jump back in.  So does your employer treat single and married workers differently? I’d like to know – 866-865-TESH.  Or post a comment on my Facebook page –