Sorry ladies, but he just not real. That's the message from psychologist Dr. Jennifer Taitz. She says while most women do eventually outgrow the fantasy of finding the "perfect" man, some are still obsessed with it. In fact, a new study shows that even some married women are still waiting for their Prince to come. That's because married women who buy into the FAKE relationships they see on TV, or in movies, tend to be less committed - and less satisfied - in their REAL relationships! And Dr. Taitz says modern dating Websites are making the problem worse. Because when we can fill out a checklist of the qualities we're looking for in an "ideal" partner, that sets us up to expect that someone will eventually have all those qualities! And that's why so many women feel like they're "settling" in their relationships - because unless they're dating a guy who checks all the boxes, then women think: "I can do better!" But Dr. Taitz says holding out for the perfect guy is really just an excuse to avoid intimacy because successful relationships aren't supposed to be perfect. They require vulnerability, and giving up control. And by telling yourself that a guy isn't good enough, our expert says you're really just giving yourself an excuse to stop trying. And by the way: For those who still believe that TV relationships are happier, there's something to consider. Out of 24 couples who met on "The Bachelor" and "The Bachelorette," only THREE are still together.