Are you feeling down in the dumps? It could be Facebook Depression. 

Researchers at the University of Michigan found that people who regularly spent time on Facebook felt worse about themselves and less satisfied with their lives. And the more time they spent on the social media site, the more negative they felt afterward. It didn't seem to matter how big their network was or how supportive they thought their friends were. 
Researchers say it’s because viewing a steady stream of posts about fun vacations, delicious dinners and awesome adventures makes us envious or even angry. We feel like our lives don’t measure up and wonder why their lives are better, and that lowers our self-esteem and makes us feel lonely. 
Clinical psychologist, Dr. Suzana Flores says in her practice, she hears about Facebook-related problems at least once a day. Issues range from receiving passive-aggressive comments from friends or family to the fact that their friends may have more “likes” or comments than they do, and they feel like they just can’t keep up. One of the most damaging issues: Seeing pictures of events attended by a lot of our friends that we weren’t invited to which makes us feel isolated. 
But Dr. Flores says it’s important to remember: Most people’s posts don’t show the ups and downs of every day life, and they gloss over the boredom and disappointments. We’re seeing a heavily edited version of people’s lives – the highlight reel, if you will. So it may seem like their her is better, even if it’s really not. And think about the wedding you weren’t invited to. Are you actually friends with the bride and groom or are you just friends with a lot of their friends? If you’re not close to the host, don’t feel blue. Be happy you didn’t have to buy them a wedding gift.