Ladies: What does it mean to be a “wife” today?

Experts say it’s an important question to ask, because lots of new research shows that women generally want to be married – they just don’t want to be a wife, because, even in this day and age, being a wife means more chores, care taking and more burdens than those placed on husbands. 

For example:

  • According to sociologist Jessie Bernard, the role of a wife often still boils down to, quote “popping out babies and sliding a casserole out of the oven."

  • Also, our expert says wives are generally expected to do most of the “emotional caretaking” at home – including organizing birthday parties, vacations, activities with friends, on top of taking care of kids and relatives.

  • And most women feel that if their relationship’s falling apart, it’s the wife’s job to work harder and save it. Or she should accept imbalances in her relationship, because that’s the only way to keep the peace in a marriage.

As you might expect, many women say that all those expectations leave them feeling exhausted and undervalued. 

Which explains why a new survey shows that women tend to be less happy in their marriages than men and they’re almost three times more likely than men to initiate divorce.

Experts say one way to fix this problem is for women to stop giving their partner the “false okay” treatment. That’s the term for when women avoid confronting men about what’s bothering them, because they don’t want to rock the boat. 

Experts say that leads men to think their relationship’s going fine - because they’re getting everything they want – while women go on hurting.

But ladies: What do you think? Do you agree that husbands and wives experience marriage in different ways? And what does the word “wife” mean to you? Weigh in at