You may want to review them, after a new study found that airlines are 35% more likely to lose our luggage during the holidays, than at any other time of year! And lost luggage is just one of the potential headaches we face when we travel. So, here’s what you need to know about your rights as a flier:

  • Lost bags. Federal law now requires airlines to refund bag fees, and reimburse you up to $3,300 per bag! But the key is to have proof of how much the stuff in your bags was worth. That’s why experts recommend taking photos of your valuables before you check your bags. And if you buy new stuff during your trip, save the receipts!

  • Flight delays. On domestic flights, experts say airlines are not obligated to compensate you, as long as the flight you booked eventually gets to your destination. But if your delayed plane sits on the tarmac for more than two hours, then you do have the right to get free snacks and water.

  • Flight cancellation. Experts say most airlines will either try to bump you to another flight, or offer you a voucher. But know this: If the new flight will arrive more than an hour later than your original flight, the law entitles you to a cash payment instead of a voucher, worth double the one-way fare, up to $650. And if the new flight arrives more than two hours later, the cash payout QUADRUPLES!

  • An airline delay causes you to miss a cruise. Experts say unless you booked your flight through the cruise line itself, you’re out of luck. That’s why some travel agents recommend flying in a day early, before your cruise is set to sail. Or, buy a travel insurance policy that covers delays due to weather problems.