Do you have ADD? Or are you just super-busy?  It’s a legitimate question when you consider the number of people being diagnosed with ADD, Attention Deficit Disorder, is growing. And experts say 10 million adults have it, but most don’t know it.

The problem is that the symptoms of ADD are familiar to just about everyone today! For example, they include: Being disorganized, feeling distracted, procrastinating, not being able to follow through on tasks, and losing things often. Experts say most of us will experience those symptoms during an extremely busy day at work. 

So does that mean we all have ADD? Actually, NO. That’s the word from Dr. Stephanie Sarkis, a mental health counselor who says it’s one thing to experience a handful of those symptoms occasionally, but it’s a problem when you experience all of them, all of the time.

People with ADD have trouble functioning. Research shows they tend to have difficulty holding onto jobs, they have more accidents, they act impulsively, and they have trouble maintaining relationships. If that describes you, you can find help at this Website:

But don’t freak out if you lose your keys twice in one week or have a hard time focusing at work. Dr. Sarkis says that may simply mean you’re overextended, and that it’s time to unplug.