Fewer people may be going to church on a regular basis – but our faith and spirituality has never been stronger! A new study shows that a steadily increasing number of people say they believe in miracles!

Researchers at Pennsylvania State University found that the number of North Americans who definitely believe in miracles increased by nearly one-quarter. And right now, 80% of us either firmly believes that miracles occur – or that they probably occur – on a regular basis. Younger people are more likely to believe in miracles than older people. And the belief in miracles is rising around the world, in every religion. The most surprising part? The people most likely to believe in miracles are those who go to churches, temples, or synagogues the least frequently – or not at all!

The researchers say this resurgence in miracles is surprising because technology is taking over our lives. Most people own smartphones and computers – where we can search for answers any time we have a question, religious or otherwise. We don’t need to wait for answers or have faith – because facts are at our fingertips. Researchers were also surprised by the rising belief in miracles because there’s been increasing criticism by historical scholars, who cast more doubt on the stories of religious miracles.

So, why do more people believe in miracles than ever? Experts point to more promotion of miracles through the mainstream media. It started with TV shows like, “Touched by an Angel,” and books like Chicken Soup for the Soul. And Oprah has had a big impact on the belief in miracles. Her TV show, network and magazine have consistently reported on the miracles happening around us all the time. As a result, religious or not, 5-out-of-6 people now say they pray for miracles for others on a regular basis. And that’s a miracle in itself.