We’ve all gotten a cuts and scrapes that ended up leaving scars – nasty and otherwise. And there are several types of treatments that claim to virtually erase scars. But do they work? We caught up with dermatologist Dr. Whitney Bowe to find out:  

  • First: There are doctor-administered laser treatments. Dr. Bowe says that scars are caused by the abnormal formation of collagen in the skin after an injury. She says that laser therapy can help with scars that are thick, or red. And they may be worth the thousand-dollar price tag if the scar is prominent, or particularly large and unsightly. But know this: It may only diminish the scar. Because, the truth is: There’s no guarantee that any type of treatment will completely remove a scar. 

  • Okay, so what about the do-it-yourself scar treatments you see in drugstores? Most of them contain vitamin E or onion extract to boost healing. But in some people, the treatments can cause an allergic reaction. 

But Dr. Bowe says she doesn’t believe lasers or scar-reducing creams work any better than her favorite remedy: 

  • Start by treating a fresh cut or scrape with honey. It’s a natural antibiotic that promotes normal skin growth. 

  • Then, once the wound has healed closed, keep the area covered with petroleum jelly and a bandage. The moisture and the pressure can help keep a scar from forming. And keep the injury out of the sun, so the healing skin won’t end up permanently discolored.