Play dates aren’t just about juice boxes and jungle gyms anymore.  These days, while moms watch the kids play, some of them also drink wine – or enjoy a cocktail. And the trend is very controversial.

Moms point out that they spend so much time dealing with naps and snacks and diapers, that holding a glass of wine makes them feel like an adult again. They also say it’s relaxing and a mood-booster to have a real conversation with the other moms. And they sometimes even meet at bars with young babies in strollers.

Of course, they insist that their children’s safety is the top priority, and that they only drink when nobody’s driving. But other mothers worry that conversation and cocktails don’t mix well with childcare.  And that it’s a recipe for disaster. After all, moms who are distracted or drinking might not be watching their children as closely as they should be. It can also be addicting – because studies show that 40 percent of mothers drink to cope with stress.

But Laura Deutsch is the founder of the mom support network BabyBites, and she says that there’s a double-standard when it comes to alcohol. After all, nobody criticizes men for taking their kid to a baseball game, and drinking beer. So, why is it controversial for women to drink wine at a play date? 

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