What could soon be the most popular type of rehab? A divorce detox, an intense program to helps you cope with your newly-single status and create a post-split action plan. It’s designed to help you figure out everything from what you’re going to do with your ex’s old stuff to how you’ll be different in future relationships.

And experts predict it could become the new go-to treatment for a lot of people, since half of marriages today end in divorce.

The program’s founder, Allison Pescosolido, points out that most divorced people don’t know where to be begin. They’re blindsided, devastated, ashamed, and angry - to the point where they’re unable to move on.  Sometimes for years - or sometimes ever. And newly divorced people can develop everything from sleep disorders to chronic anxiety to depression.

That’s where divorce detox comes in. The 10 week program is modeled after other rehabs – like for alcohol or drug addiction. And you take courses like “Establishing boundaries with your ex”.  Along with group and one-on-one counseling sessions. You also have nightly homework, like keeping a journal so you can write about your greatest post-split fears, like ‘never finding love again’ or ‘not being able to support yourself.”

Detoxers swear by it. Like one fortysomething man we read about who tried therapy - but didn’t just want to talk about how upset he was all the time. He wanted a plan to move forward. So, he signed up for Divorce Detox and loves that the program gave him a “road map” for his new life.

The program starts at $2,000. But the founders point out that it’s a lot cheaper than a year of therapy – and is priceless because it snaps you out of grieving mode and pushes you into a positive new life in a matter of weeks.

If you’d like to go further, check out DivorceDetox.com.