Taking coronavirus into consideration: What’s the safest place to sit in a restaurant? According to Dr. Chad Roy, an infectious disease expert at Tulane University, the answer boils down to airflow.

Because, as you know, coronavirus is primarily spread by respiratory droplets that become airborne when we exhale, talk, laugh, or cough. And Dr. Roy says the easiest way to AVOID those droplets at a restaurant is to sit outdoors, or by an open window… because open air gives droplets a lot more room to disperse.

But what if you’re dining indoors? Dr. Roy says try sitting near an A/C vent that’s blowing air OUT. Because, most ventilation systems in public buildings - like restaurants and office buildings - are designed to filter all the air in a room about every hour. Plus, A/C units often refresh the air with air pulled in from outside.

If you’re not sure which way the air’s moving? Then Dr. Roy says pay attention to air that feels “stuffy”… because that’s a sign the room is NOT well ventilated, and you should probably choose another restaurant.