It’s never a smart move to date the boss.

That’s one of the takeaways of a new survey showing that “boss-employee relationships” are becoming more common. According to Career Builder, almost 1-in-3 workers say they’ve dated someone “above them in rank” at work – including their manager or boss! And as you may have heard in the news, these relationships rarely end well. Just this year, the CEOs of Best Buy, and medical technology firm Stryker Corporation, were forced to resign after allegations they had affairs with employees.

What’s so attractive about dating the boss? As you might expect, psychologists say it’s normal to be attracted to people in power. However, it’s also normal to be attracted to the people we see the most frequently - because the more time you spend with someone, the more likely you are to form deep bonds with them. And think about it: There are few people in life that you see more than your boss!

So, why do most experts say dating the boss is a bad idea?

  • For starters: Surveys show that most people who get into a relationship with their boss ultimately REGRET it. 

  • Psychologists say the most common reason given is that it ruins your credibility. Because people will always wonder if you dated the boss just to get ahead in your career. Also, if you ever look for a new job, employers will be suspicious of your qualifications if they know you dated the last person to hire you!

  • And of course: Dating the boss puts your career and theirs at risk. That’s because managers who enter “improper” relationships with subordinates expose the company to potential sexual harassment lawsuits. Which is why more than 1-in-4 companies have written or verbal policies restricting office romances.