Here’s a list of the most confusing things people say when they date, and what they really mean.

  • First: The dreaded “I’ll call you.” Laura Schaefer is a dating expert who says this may be the most frustrating phrase of all, because it begs the question: “When?” She recommends that if someone tells you “I’ll call you,” you should assume that means they’ll never call – and then be pleasantly surprised if they actually do.

  • Another confusing phrase in the dating world: “Let’s hang out.” Dating blogger Michael Donnelly says a lot of people say “let’s hang out” when they really mean “let’s make a date.” But they’re protecting themselves emotionally in case the other person just wants to be friends. Donnelly’s advice? If you’re the one asking someone out, make your intentions clear by saying what you really mean. His thinking is that if you’re going to be rejected, wouldn’t you rather find out they’re not interested sooner rather than later?

  • Also confusing: The word “Drama." As in, “I don’t want a relationship with drama.” Experts tell us the people who say that are usually the ones who haven’t moved on from the “drama” of a past relationship. So steer clear. The reality is that relationships need some drama to grow and most couples can overcome it through honest communication.

  • The last confusing phrase you might hear when you’re dating: “Let’s take a break.” That’s something you usually hear when a break-up is imminent. What makes it confusing is that when some people hear the word “break,” they think it means “we might get back together.” But our expert Schaefer says don’t be fooled. If you hear “let’s take a break,” it means “I’m dumping you!”