They say a man’s home is his castle, and now that I work from home, I get to be the King of the Castle most of the time. With my wife working outside of the house and my three sons in school, I’ve grown accustomed to being alone at home for hours on end, and I’ve developed my own routines.

But they’re a little thrown off today, since the kids are off school for a “Professional Development Day.” I now have to act like a responsible parent, rather than a home based worker. It’s the first day they have been off since I began working from home, and I’m realizing that I’ve got to do things differently when they’re here.

What are those things, you ask?

  • Work around the noise. It’s usually quiet as quiet can be around here, but having a 12, 15, and 16-year-old running around - fighting as all brothers - do really affects my work mojo. (I now know how much I appreciate the solitude of working alone.)

  • Share the phone. I am on the phone a lot, and try to use the landline whenever I can. Of course, so do my kids - so, I find them tying up the line a lot. I have to resort to the cell phone to make calls, or risk someone picking up the regular phone when I’m on it.

  • Realize that a bag of Cheetos is not a good lunch. It goes back to that whole “set a good example as a parent” thing that I try to do. Today, we all eat REAL food.

  • Use “stealth mode” to check up on them. When it gets too quiet, that tells me that something’s up, so I have to sneak up on them and see what they’re doing that they probably shouldn’t be.

I love my kids, and it’s nice for them to see what I do for a living by spending some time with me while they’re home. But I now realize how I’ve gotten used to being the only one around here. Maybe I need to plan to be out of the house “in meetings” when the next “Professional Development Day” rolls around.

  • Hey parents, how do you deal with these types of days? Any tips or tricks you’d like to share with me? Feel free to add them below!