Can’t afford to adopt a baby or pay for fertility treatments? Now you can try crowd-funding for parenthood. Wannabe parents are raising money from friends, family and even strangers because they simply can’t afford the fees and expenses on their own. 

For example: Even the simplest fertility treatment costs $800, and in-vitro fertilization is $8,000 dollars a pop. And that’s not including the fertility meds needed between treatments or the fact that most couples face multiple procedures. And they’re almost never covered by insurance. 
Adoptions can be even more expensive. Adoptions can cost anywhere from $2,500 dollars to more than $40,000\. That’s why, in the past, most couples using fertility treatments or trying to adopt, ended up raiding their savings or maxing our their credit cards. 
But now there are crowd-funding websites, like Go Fund Me and Adopt Together. They allow hopeful couples to set up profile pages, tell their stories and set a fundraising goal. And they work. So far, they’ve already helped raise more than $2 million for adoptions and fertility treatments for hundreds of couples. If you’d like to set up a crowd-funding page or donate to a future family, the websites are and