What’s the latest trend in parenting? “Sex parties.” Don’t worry – it’s not racy at all. They’re parties couples throw to announce the gender of their baby. According to the Associated Press, more and more couples are reluctant to discover the gender of their baby – something incredibly personal and life-changing - in a sterile doctor’s office or from an ultrasound technician they just met. They’re coming up with creative, elaborate plans to discover or announce the news.

Like Greg and Sheryl Bluestein from Atlanta. They asked the ultrasound tech not to tell them the gender of the baby. Instead, while they looked away from the image, the technician printed out an ultrasound picture, wrote the baby’s gender on the picture, and tucked it in a sealed envelope. Then a good friend took the envelope to a local bakery with a request: Look at the picture, and put blue icing between the layers if it’s a boy, and pink icing if it’s a girl. 

The Bluesteins said they felt a bit odd knowing the baker knew the baby’s gender before they did, but they wanted to make sure the “big reveal” was special. That night, 50 friends partied until it was time to cut the cake, and when they saw the pink icing, they both shouted, “It’s a girl!” Everybody cheered, a few people cried, and they said it was perfect. 

Other couples already know the gender and reveal it and the baby’s name at the party. Or tie in the announcement with a baby shower.

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