Would you still log onto your smartphone at all hours of the day if you knew it’d make you gain weight? Beware, because scientists say it will!

Researchers at the Milken Institute analyzed obesity rates and how much money was spent on technology over the last few years in 27 countries.

The result? The more money a country spends on technology, the higher the obesity rate. Researchers explain that when people live in countries with gadgets like smartphones and iPads, they’re much more likely to swap healthy meals and exercise for junk food and screen time, like playing video games while chowing down on Cheetos. In fact, a study found that the average person logs in a stunning 7 hours of screen time every day.

The fix? Researchers say you should make a point to go tech-free for a few hours every day. Say, after dinner, put your smartphone and iPad in your desk drawer and leave it there until the next morning. And never plop down with a snack in front of any screen – whether it’s your phone, TV, or computer. A study found that volunteers who ate while in front of the computer consumed an extra 122 calories a day. And that mindless eating adds up to 9 pounds a year.