You can expect to see a lot more tattoos in the workplace. 

A lot of employers used to automatically reject inked candidates – no matter how impressive their resume was. That’s because they considered someone with a tat unprofessional and rebellious. 

But career experts say that these days a growing number of workplaces are relaxing company culture, and welcoming tatted candidates. 

That’s because they want to be more accepting of diverse applicants. And since 40-percent of adults under age 40 have a tattoo - screening out everyone with a tattoo would leave employers with only a handful of people to choose from! 

And it’s not just tech or creative companies rolling out the welcome mat for tattooed workers. Even formal industries are going ink-friendly. Including Bank of America, and medical facilities like UCLA and The Cleveland Clinic allow employees to have tattoos. There’s even a professor at the University of New Mexico who sports a full tribal face tattoo!

But even though the taboo against tattoos is fading, experts say it’s still smart not to flaunt your tattoos if you’re interviewing.  

In fact, a recent study found that nearly 40-percent of H-R managers cite tattoos as a major turn-off, right behind face piercings and bad breath. So, unless your company has an official pro-ink policy – or the CEO or hiring manager has visible tattoos, you may want to cover up your tats until you’re hired!