First, there were websites like Yelp and Angie’s List where customers could rate service providers and businesses. Now there’s a website where businesses can rate us, their customers, and post warnings to help other businesses avoid working with the unfair, abusive, non-paying customers of the world.

The website’s called And their slogan is: “The customer is NOT always right!” It was created by a landscaper who kept seeing negative online reviews of repair people – like, “We paid the contractor, and he never showed up!” He was annoyed that they never posted the worker’s side of the story because there are plenty of bad customers out there.

So now he provides a searchable database so companies can check out potential clients before agreeing to do work. It costs businesses $16 to join – and everything they post is anonymous. All the posts are inspected to make sure they stick to the facts and don’t become abusive. And to promote fairness, the website encourages businesses to share their complaints with their clients.  And if the dispute is settled, that’s noted in the online report.

But the guy who started Nasty Client says you can spot a bad customer a mile away. They’re the ones who insist on “your best price”, tell you that they’re getting at least 4 or 5 more estimates to drive the price down, and ask you to do additional work for free while you’re on the job. Bad customers also constantly call with questions, and stand over your shoulder the entire time you’re working.

So consider yourself warned – you may think you’re the one reviewing the business – but the business may be reviewing you too!